LastPass’ free tier will become a lot less useful next month

Mobile or computer? Now you have to choose

LastPass is adding new restrictions to its free subscription tier starting March 16th that’ll only allow users to view and manage passwords on one category of devices: mobile or computer. Mobile users will be limited to iOS and Android phones, iPads, Android tablets, and smartwatches. Computer subscribers will be able to use their passwords from Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops and laptops, the LastPass browser extension, and Windows tablets.

Users on LastPass’ free tier will be asked to pick between the two options the first time they log in after March 16th, and the company says they’ll be able to switch between categories up to three times after they’ve picked. Although customers are restricted to a single category of devices on the free tier, they’ll still be able view and manage passwords from an unlimited number of devices within either the mobile or computer category. LastPass says no users will be locked out of their accounts or lose access to their passwords as a result of the changes.


Courtesy of The Verge

Article Author: Jon Porter

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